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EZ Start® Charcoal Chimney

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  • New Patented Eco-Friendly No Hassle Chemical Free Charcoal Lighter System
  • Faster & Easier Start to your BBQ – Save Half The Cost Over Chemical Starters & Eliminates Charcoal Lighter Chemicals or Newspaper - Risks, Smell & Taste
  • Simple To Use - Recycled Compressed Paper Disk Is Fully Consumed As Coals Light- Hot Coals Slide Out The Bottom As You Lift The Chimney
  • The System Includes The EZStart® Charcoal Chimney & Ten (10) EcoStart® Disks (Additional EcoStart® Disks Sold Separately)
  • Easy Handle (Two Bolt) Assembly Required - Works With Most Charcoal Types - Eco-Friendly & Totally Chemical Free