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Load, Light and Lift! So easy with EZ Flame BBQ.

The mission of EZ Flame BBQ is to keep the art of grilling with charcoal alive by providing a safer and easier process for igniting charcoal. We are driving to eliminate the use of lighter fluid. It is dangerous to have around the house or transport to the beach, park or campground. The current models of charcoal chimney eliminate the lighter fluid but require pouring hot coals which can be tricky and dangerous. They usually require newspaper which also results in ashes flying around and potentially starting a fire! Finally, over 15,000 people per year go to the emergency room with barbecue related injuries.

There is a safer and easier solution! We created the EZStart® Charcoal Chimney to eliminate lighter fluid and the need to pour out hot coals. By using the EcoStart® Disk, made of environmental friendly pulp paper we eliminate chemical odors from lighter fluid and flying newspaper ashes.

Place the EcoStart® Disk into the bottom of the EZStart® Charcoal Chimney. LOAD the charcoal, LIGHT the EcoStart® Disk, and wait 12-15 minutes for the charcoal to light, Then LIFT the chimney and the hot coals to slide out into a uniform pile!

Load, Light and Lift! So easy with EZ Flame BBQ.