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How does the EcoStart® disk ignite compared to newspaper?
The disk is made from recycled pulp paper and the molding process compresses the fibers so they will provide support for the charcoal and burn longer. This keeps a flame on the charcoal much longer than a wad of newspaper, which flashes quickly and sometimes needs to be replaced and lit again. Also the EcoStart® disk will be completely consumed and not leave paper ashes to blow out of the grill.​

Why is there no heat shield on the chimney?
Since there is no need to tilt the chimney to pour out the coals, there will be no direct heat on your hand. We assume one will always wear a protective glove so eliminating the shield also reduces the weight and makes the handle assembly easier. 

What happens if the EcoStart® disks get wet?
Placing them in a warm dry place overnight should be enough time to remove the moisture. For faster results place them in a warm oven for twenty minutes.​

Can you add lighter fluid?
This is not recommended as the EcoStart® disk is safer to use, and does not leave a chemical taste on the food.​

The metal near the bottom of the chimney is starting to bend into the center. Is this a problem?
No, all charcoal chimneys will start to show metal fatigue after repeated use. The EcoStart® disk will still nest down on to the tabs on the bottom and will be even easier to light as the side walls will curve in.